We put our passion into two pursuits: design and ecology.

Our products are not only attractively designed, but are also excellent from an environmental point of view – 100% recyclable! Each idea that is proposed by our designers is rooted in the company’s collective desire to create what is stylish and beautiful, and the ability to meld the aesthetics with sustainability.


Krooom designing and manufacturing products

made out of laminated printed board. The breakthrough concept and

products are tailored to the 21st century lifestyle, striking the

perfect balance between sustainability and outstanding design.

Our innovative design and rigorous production process creates

exceptionally durable cardboard based products that are both

extremely sturdy and lightweight.

All products are coated with waterproof coating, require no

tools for assembly, are 100% recyclable and contain at least

60% post consumer paper.

Patented techniques and folding methods, developed over

a course of 3 years, provide the products with hard-wearing durability.


- Designed for children's safety.

- Free from hazardous substances.

- Lightweight, strong & sturdy.

- 100% recyclable, made of at least

    60% post-consumer paper.

- Simple and enjoyable no-tools assembly.

- Supported by patented techniques & folding methods.

- Waterproof coating.



We use responsibly sourced paper and cardboard to create

our products.

The board we use for the construction of our toys is made of

at least 60 % post-consumer material and it is 100% recyclable.

Replacing virgin fiber with post consumer recycled fiber is far

more than an ongoing process when producing our board plates,

it is our mission.


Use of water based glue and hazardous free coating material,

our product life cycle and the environmental impact of our

product are areas of particular concern.

All materials used in the making of a Krooom toy are tested

and certified by registered independent testing facilities.


We take pride in our advanced production capabilities

and exercise a policy of social responsibility.

From the design process, through product development

to manufacturing, Krooom is focused on environmental

performance and meeting or exceeding the following

industry standards:


- Certified ICTI Code of Business Practices.

- ASTM & EN-71.

- Enviromental Management (ISO 14001)

- GSV – Global Security Verification

- Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

- FSC certified purchasing.


In every production cycle we perform a physical safety test

for each new product. If any material or design is improved

we re-certify that our products meet all safety and quality standards.

With our patented construction techniques

Krooom has managed to maximize the advantages of the material/product by using it in a way that it can perform, aesthetically and technically, better than ever before.


The patents:


- Give the product outstanding strength and stability.


- Allow the customer to assemble the product without

   the use of any tools.


- Give the product a great look, no cardboard edges

   are exposed inthe majority of the products.


- Provides greater moisture resistance, unlike other

   cardboard products.


To learn more just look for Krooom on Google Patent search.